Android gains on Apple

Android gains on Apple

The Android operating system continues to steal market share from Apple iOS smartphones, with new figures showing Android swiped 2% off Apple’s share between January and March.

According to InMobi’s new Australian Mobile Insights Report, Apple’s smartphone share of impressions fell 2% to 59% and Android grew 2% to 36% on the InMobi network during the first quarter of the year.

InMobi said the 23% margin is “the closest that Android has ever been to Apple before” and shows a changing tide in the smartphone market which is being reflected in other parts of the world including New Zealand, where Android is currently less than 8% behind Apple.

Futhermore, the iPhone lost handset share of impressions for the first time, with its handset share decreasing 5.4% to 45.7%. It still managed to hold onto the top spot however.

Despite Apple losing ground in the smartphone market, the iPad is still holding its own when it comes to tablets.

A growing appetite for using tablets in the home saw a 3% increase for the iPad, further cementing it as the second most popular handset device, after the iPhone.  

The report also showed an 18% growth in mobile impressions from quarter four thanks to the growing smartphone market.

Mobile app impressions also jumped up by 23% to 82% due to more apps being made available to Android users in the Google Play and Samsung Apps stores.

Francisco Cordero, VP and GM of InMobi Australia and New Zealand, said: “Android has come firing through this quarter, gaining on iOS following a great fourth quarter and Christmas sale period from Samsung which posted a record profit of $6.34bn.

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