Android gains on Apple

Android gains on Apple

The Android operating system continues to steal market share from Apple iOS smartphones, with new figures showing Android swiped 2% off Apple’s share between January and March.

According to InMobi’s new Australian Mobile Insights Report, Apple’s smartphone share of impressions fell 2% to 59% and Android grew 2% to 36% on the InMobi network during the first quarter of the year.

InMobi said the 23% margin is “the closest that Android has ever been to Apple before” and shows a changing tide in the smartphone market which is being reflected in other parts of the world including New Zealand, where Android is currently less than 8% behind Apple.

Futhermore, the iPhone lost handset share of impressions for the first time, with its handset share decreasing 5.4% to 45.7%. It still managed to hold onto the top spot however.

Despite Apple losing ground in the smartphone market, the iPad is still holding its own when it comes to tablets.

A growing appetite for using tablets in the home saw a 3% increase for the iPad, further cementing it as the second most popular handset device, after the iPhone.  

The report also showed an 18% growth in mobile impressions from quarter four thanks to the growing smartphone market.

Mobile app impressions also jumped up by 23% to 82% due to more apps being made available to Android users in the Google Play and Samsung Apps stores.

Francisco Cordero, VP and GM of InMobi Australia and New Zealand, said: “Android has come firing through this quarter, gaining on iOS following a great fourth quarter and Christmas sale period from Samsung which posted a record profit of $6.34bn.

“With the launch of Facebook Home, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the imminent launch of the HTC1 Facebook phone, we believe that Andriod will maintain its momentum and close the margin between iOS even further next quarter.”

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