Alphabet to air Sydney's dirty laundry for art fest

Alphabet to air Sydney's dirty laundry for art fest

Sydney residents’ dirty laundry is being aired in public in a new campaign created by Alphabet for the Art and About 2013 festival in the city, after winning a competitive tender for the job.

The city will be adorned with white laundry with confessions from some Sydneysiders printed on them for the festival, which turns Sydney’s streets, laneways and buildings into canvases for works of art.

Alphabet is creating an installation in Sydney’s City Lights after winning the tender which was based on the theme ‘Private Lives….Public Places’.

Designer Ashleigh Steel said: “In private we can be anything we like, but what happens when we hang ourselves out to dry for the world to see?” Co-creative director Paul Clark added: “The blurred line between public and private is of particular relevance in our age of social media.

“People seem eager to tell-all in an online sphere, where they can construct a version of their true selves, editing out the imperfect parts. We wanted to strip it all back and find out what lies beneath our manicured exteriors.”

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