Allianz's interactive ad

Allianz's interactive ad

To counteract some of the annoyance viewers get from pre-roll ads on YouTube, Allianz has created an interactive video using MercerBell’s digital functionality.

As part of its One Trusted Partner campaign, the clip sees a man backing his car into a wall of paint tins before viewers are asked to ‘Be OK’ and reverse the incident. If the viewer doesn’t press ‘Be OK’ the man does it for them.

Dominic Brandon, group manager marketing and brand at Allianz said: “Besides being another clever way of saying Allianz can get our customers back on the road quickly after an accident, the YouTube interactive component will help us to overcome viewers skipping content or experiencing the frustration that many people have with pre-rolls.”

The One Trusted Partner campaign follows on from the “Ahh” series. A second installment is to come via TV seeing the man’s wife in the driver’s seat. The videos will be complemented by radio spots and banner ads combining text and images that will be refined based on their effectiveness.

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