Advertisers fail to capitalise on leadership spill

Advertisers fail to capitalise on leadership spill

Last night, Kevin Rudd once again became leader of the Labour party. Today he was installed as Prime Minister.

Millions of us were once again drawn in to talking, speculating and thinking about politics. Apparently, none of those millions happened to work in the media.

Unlike the much lauded Oreo ‘You can still Dunk in the Dark’ Superbowl tweet, which was put up within the hour of a power outage at the most viewed event on the earth, advertisers barely noticed when Rudd was announced as new PM at 7:50pm last night.

A unique opportunity to engage audiences with some engaging reactive advertising went to waste.

Unsurprisingly, the Liberal party was quick to respond, already having launched a new Youtube clip undermining Rudd’s leadership (see below TVC).

Honorable mentions must go to Sportsbet for a print ad in The Telegraph featuring the new PM with a headline reading ‘He’s Back!’ (see pictured above), accompanied by an image of Kevin Rudd in parliament with a healed scar on his back alongside Federal Election odds. Sky News were also on the ball with an ad in The Australian: “When Julia Gillard chose to tell the nation, she chose David Speers on Sky News” (also see below).

A dishonorable mention to ‘21st Century Australia’ party who ran the just redundant ad proclaiming “Say NO to Gillard and Abbott.


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