Adshel and Step Back Think against late-night violence

Adshel and Step Back Think against late-night violence

With the stream of late night violence covering the news lately, outdoor advertising agency Adshel have teamed up with anti-violence lobbying group Step Back Think to try and stop this late-night violence.

The campaign, “Put ‘em Away” is a poster campaign and tries to get people to think about whether one punch “is worth it?”

By using the phrase, the campaign doesn’t target individuals, but rather provides a common phrase for men and women to try and diffuse aggression between friends and strangers.

Produced by Sydney agency Common Ventures and illustrated by James Jirat Patradoon, the poster campaign will feature on outdoor panels in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane later this year.

“Our creative challenge is always hotly contested, and I’m really hoping that with this campaign we can help to positively influence the conversation around violent behaviour in our cities,” Nicole McInnes, marketing director of Adshel, said.

“Adshel believes wholeheartedly in giving back to the communities we operate in, and I sincerely hope by working together with Step Back Think we can make a positive contribution.”

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