Adlux reveals some slightly odd search queries

Adlux reveals some slightly odd search queries

When the Adlux team began sifting through the billions of queries from the online marketing and technology specialist’s Search Network during 2013, they stumbled across a variety of little gems.

“What should you do with sex toys after you’ve broken up” was just one of their many favourites.

The multi-channel digital advertising company provides advertising solutions via the Adlux Search Network and the Adlux Media Network.

Below is a list of 24 “how”, “why” and “what” questions the Adlux team chose as winners this year.


How big were dinosaurs compared to humans

How many dolphins die in car accidents each year

How do I say your children are unattractive in French

How can I cure my low IQ

How come the Nazis never won the war

How is my wife pregnant when I've had a vasectomy

How do mermaids make babies

How to tell if my kids have had encounters with aliens


What age group is most likely going to survive a zombie apocalypse

What do lazy wives cook for dinner

What is the future for sheep looking like

What is the ideal age to start handling baby lizards

What kind of bug makes holes in concrete

What should you do with sex toys after you've broken up

What are the best suburbs in Sydney to shoplift

What to do if your child eats Nicorette gum


Why do cats lick plastic

Why do soccer players suck their thumbs

Why do women like to talk after sex

Why is it against the law to drive a car blindfolded in Alabama

Why would my child shove something in my other child's bum

Why do girls keep laughing at me for no reason

Why do I have more hair under one armpit

Why do ghosts live in haunted houses

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