AANA launches AdWatch

AANA launches AdWatch

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has launched a web portal providing case histories of complaints cases to showcase changing standards of language, sex and nudity, violence and health and safety in Australian advertising.

Called AdWatch, the site will explain to advertisers why public complaints have or haven’t been upheld by the Advertising Standards Bureau, making it easier for them to comply with the code and with the AANA self regulatory system.

AANA Acting CEO, Alina Bain said:  “AANA has responsibility for developing and maintaining the self-regulatory system and defining what’s in and what’s out.

“This system is underpinned by a concept of community standards which in themselves are not static. Adwatch will go a long way to keeping marketers abreast of community expectations.”

The Codes are platform and technology neutral and apply to all marketing communications over which the brand owner has reasonable control, irrespective of whether a payment has been made. They cover media such as television, radio, newpapers, magazines, store posters, online and social media.

“No matter where you’re advertising or who your audience is, AdWatch will ultimately serve as a learning device for advertisers and become part and parcel of any induction process for new and junior marketers,” said Bain.

It will be updated monthly to reflect the most current thinking on community standards and to give guidance and understanding to members on changing community values and expectations.

AdWatch addresses each section of the Code of Ethics separately and explains in detail ASB decisions relevant to each section.

In addition to the ASB decisions, AdWatch will feature a brief instructive video presentation by the CEO detailing the intention, interpretation and application of each section of the Code of Ethics.


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