A picture speaks a thousand words

A picture speaks a thousand words

New York agency Mash+Studio has written a children's story to illustrate the craft of clever and engaging marketing. Their secret? Chicken.   

Called 'Jenny and the Chicken', the story, accessible via slideshare here, tells the tale of a boy named Brand who tries to win Jenny's (the consumer's) heart. 

Brand tries all of the usual friendly activities, like connecting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but Jenny doesn’t seem interested in a guy who talks about himself all the time.

Then along comes a chicken, a metaphor for fun, who helps Brand make friends with Jenny, not by talking about himself, but by doing fun stuff together.

How very self reflexive – Mash is clearly practicing what it preaches. Brands everywhere will now be so engaged by Mash's little love story they'll hand them their business. Clever branded content and clever self promotion.

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