9 Sexy Positions (In Marketing)

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The marketing job titles that will make you drool and maybe lol.


Looking to spice up your LinkedIn life?

Read on for some marketing job titles that will make you salivate.

Brand editor

Just let that job title roll off your tongue one more time; brand editor. Wow. In the agency world, this sweet position almost has it all – the esteem of being involved with brands and the creativity of being an editor. These elegant creatures are tasked with ensuring that all content falls in line with client’s missions and voices. Plus it sounds super sexy at parties. The next time you meet a brand editor, plant yourself down and prepare to hear something saucy.

George Potts, VP & director of social media at Brunner speaks to iMedia about why his company has hired a brand editor and why he believes this position is not only hot, but vital for agencies as well.

Brand ambassador

Slow down there, Mr. President. With all that exciting political lingo in your job title, you’ll be heading to the top in no time. A brand ambassador is responsible for being an extension of the brand. If a brand is your arm, a brand ambassador is your fork, and the public is your delicious meal. Eat up and enjoy.

Shelby White, senior marketing manager for Waffle House speaks to iMedia about why she finds this title so appealing and important.

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