7NEWS’ The Lady Vanishes Podcast Hits One Millions Listens Globally

7NEWS’ The Lady Vanishes Podcast Hits One Millions Listens Globally

Acast is celebrating local success with Australian podcast phenomenon The Lady Vanishes hitting one million listens in just six weeks.

The Lady Vanishes podcast produced by 7NEWS focuses on the disappearance of Gold Coast resident Marion Barter, after the much-loved mother, teacher and friend stepped on a plane for an overseas adventure and was never seen again.

Marion Barter, the former wife of Australian soccer great, Johnny Warren, went missing in 1997.

The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are bizarre but Marion’s daughter, Sally Leydon has never given up hope of finding her.

The Lady Vanishes podcast is her quest for answers and hitting the million listen milestone means she is getting closer to finding out what happened to Marion Barter.

Podcast executive producer, Alison Sandy said: “We’re overwhelmed with the unprecedented success of the podcast.

“One million listens is a major milestone for us.

“With each new listener, we’re getting closer to finding out what happened all those years ago, as new evidence continues to come to light.”

The 7NEWS podcast team also comprises investigative journalist and presenter Bryan Seymour, writer and producer Sally Eeles and Sound Design by Marc Wright.

Acast content director, Guy Scott-Wilson comments: “Australia’s love affair with investigative journalism is continuing to grow.

“The Lady Vanishes podcast is more than just true crime, as it sets out to solve a real mystery that’s impacted the lives of real people,  and make meaningful change through the power of podcasting.”

He continued: “It relies on the buzz and excitement around the podcast to move members of the public to provide new evidence and support the investigation.

“And that’s exactly what The Lady Vanishes has done.”

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