78% of millennials will only work for firms they view as innovative

78% of millennials will only work for firms they view as innovative

A huge 78% of millennials, otherwise known as Generation Y, believe they need to work for companies that actively foster innovative thinking and work to develop their skills as leaders.

The recent Deloitte survey also found a huge 70% of believe they will work independently instead of being employed by a traditional organizational structure at some point in their professional lives.

Efren Chaux, director of recruitment agency Brown and Chase, said: “I’ve found that if Millenials have a choice between two roles where the salary is more or less equal (give or take 5k), they will generally pick the organisation that has promoted itself as a forward thinking, contemporary business with a Google like work environment.”

Chaux said businesses who engage their employees both technically and culturally have the best chance of retaining talent.

“They now have to think about working conditions, team environments, training and development, and long term incentives as retention strategies.”

The infographic (below) is based on Deloitte’s research and was created by Brisbane-based digital agency Reload Media.

Reload Media is a finalist in the 2014 Telstra Queensland Australia Business Awards.

Reload Media will represent one of six Queensland company finalists in the Telstra Business Awards Medium Business category with winners to be announced at the Sofitel Brisbane on 17 June 2014.

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