Six Ways Big Data Will Change Every Business (Including Yours)

Six Ways Big Data Will Change Every Business (Including Yours)

Big data is changing the face of every business around the world, and your business will be the next to change when you start using big data, says Vivint Writer Lindsey Patterson.

The fashion industry is taking up big data as a way of finding the latest style trends, and your fashion business will benefit from using the same data larger companies are using.

Hadoop reporting will tell you quite a bit about the activewear, formalwear, eyeglasses and shoes your company produces. This article explores five ways big data will change your company for the better.

1: You Can See Trends Starting

Big data will tell you which trends are really taking off. You can see which fashions are walking down the runways of the world, but you can’t be sure that those fashions will actually sell to the general public.

The big data you receive through Hadoop will help tell you which fashion lines sold the best in the past year, and you can then align your designs with the fashions that are selling. Big data will search and compact this info for you in ways that you could never imagine, making your research all the easier.

2: Selling the Right Accessories

Eyeglasses, jewelry and shoes are all needed accessories on the fashion market, but you can’t sell these accessories with blind devotion. Some companies do quite well on the accessories market, and other companies are losing money.

You need to design accessories that will perform well and are something that consumers are really wanting and looking for.

3: Finding the Most Prominent Colors of the Season

The most prominent colors in the fashion world will change every season, and big data can help you determine what are the most popular swatches and patterns. This way you will know which colors should be used the most in your own collections.

Big data tells you which designers were most successful, which items sold the most and the colors of those items. This sort of information helps you guide the design of your own line, and you can avoid spending too much money on colors that might feel a little dated.

4: Choosing When to Release Your Collection

Releasing your collection is a difficult choice to make, and you may not perform well if your collection is released at the same time as another designer, especially if their line takes off and yours doesn’t.

New York and Paris Fashion Week festivities are some of most exciting events in the world, but you may do well to release your collection at another time or in another place.

The date for your collection release may change depending on the big data you receive, and your company may need to operate outside the bounds of industry traditions. The fashion industry does not revolve around your personal line, and you will need to make changes that will make each collection as successful as possible.

5: How Do You Promote Your Collections?

The collections released by your company must be promoted to the general public, and your marketing tactics must match the most successful campaigns used in the industry. Mimicking the marketing campaigns of your closest competitors will help you find a larger customer base, and your marketing materials will help give you a return on investment that is worthwhile.

Businesses that are not marketing themselves properly are more likely to fold, and you need to study how other companies compete against you for customers.

6: Where Do You Find Big Data?

The five suggestions above will change the face of your business, but you must find big data before you can use it properly. Hadoop reporting helps you collect big data, and you can set up an account that will provide you will as much data as you could possibly need.

Review your account often to find new data every day, and you will notice a change in the way your business operates. Big data is meant to do that menial research for you so you know the best choices for timing, the right market and audience, consumer preference, and more.

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