5 Quick Tips For Increasing Social Media Presence

5 Quick Tips For Increasing Social Media Presence

Social media: it’s never played a bigger part in the lives of consumers, yet some brands still aren’t in on the act.

Establishing a social presence can be challenging but the effort is likely to pay off in spades. A strong social presence gives businesses the opportunity to grab the attention of consumers while spreading the brand message. So how can you make it happen?

1. Make your presence personal and human

“Not everyone wants politics or case studies all the time,” says Katherine Karvess, community manager at social media and PR agency, Ellis Jones. “Depending on your business page’s purpose, use relevant current events and language to put a human voice behind your Facebook posts,” She adds.

 2. Understand the audience interests

Amaury Treguer, strategist at social media agency We Are Social, says it’s important to know what the audience is interested in and talking about. He recommends brands “study, listen and understand where your audience is hanging out, what interests them and what they are talking about”.

3. Engage and connect with the audience

A key way to stay connected with your audience is by keeping them interested and engaged in your brand and its offering. Have a conversation.“Create a two-way dialogue – ask questions. Based on the content of your post, ask your community what they think. When a consumer contacts you respond, provide feedback and thank them. This sends a message to other page members that interaction is valued and encouraged,” said Karvess.

#4. Be different to your competitors

Jason Olive, strategist and program manager at content marketing and social agency, Kamber says identifying a content ‘sweet spot’ to help your brand stand out from its competitors is imperative. “Simply publishing the same content, as other brand just won’t generate any cut through. Being different and understanding the need of your audience is vital.

5. Timing

Figuring out when to post is tricky, however Ellis Jones’ Karvess says brands should play around with timings. She said: “Is it best to post during the day? Early morning? Late night? All this depends on the demo- and techno- graphics of your audience. You can check out the insights on your page to figure out when your audience is online.”

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