Being One Of The Few Female Agency Owners Is My “Secret Weapon”: ntegrity Founder

Being One Of The Few Female Agency Owners Is My “Secret Weapon”: ntegrity Founder

There’s a lot of talk of inequality between genders both within and beyond the industry, and while it’s a serious issue, there’s also a fantastic amount of reasons why being a woman in this industry rocks.

We spoke to some of the winners from B&T’s 2015 Women in Media awards to find out why they think not being a man has plenty of advantages too.

ntegrity founder and director winner of the Strategy category Richenda Vermeulen called her gender a “secret weapon” in the industry.

“ntegrity’s way of operating has always been different and some would say that’s because we’re female-led,” she said.

“We passionately care about success for our clients (not just our profits), we desire to transform brands with knowledge (rather than keep them in the dark and dependant), and we talk about feelings at work and have a mandate to encourage one another.

“This approach is different, and as a result, it’s attracting different types of clients and staff; people yearning for more – more meaning, more purpose.

“Some would view being one of very few female agency owners a disadvantage – but I think it’s a secret weapon.”

“This is no doubt down to personal experience, but I do feel like the last five years have been about redefining women in media,” ‎director of innovation, partnerships & experience at Nine Entertainment Co. and winner of the Sales category Lizzie Young said.

“It’s been great to be part of it and as a result it’s left me feeling positive about what the future holds and very confident that a female perspective is highly valued.”

Rules of Social Engagement author and People’s Choice winner Philippa Spork said it all came down to being in the company of other amazing women and “watching the glass ceiling coming down”.

Since I arrived in Australia fresh out of uni in 1994, women have come such a long way in the industry,” she said.

“There are more women in senior positions (and not just editorial directors of women’s magazines), on boards and there are some amazing female CEO’s gaining recognition for what they do!”

The Women in Media event is back in full gusto for its fourth year. You can still enter until Friday June 24 (or July 1 for late entries), with tickets available here and more information here.

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