20 Questions With BMF’s Aisling Colley

20 Questions With BMF’s Aisling Colley

In today’s edition of 20 Questions With… we’re chatting to BMF’s Aisling Colley.

Awarded this year’s agency sales/account management award, we asked Aisling the important questions in life like how many trophies she has, what makes her mad and her dream holiday destination.

20 QUESTIONS WITH Aisling Colley

1. What did you win?

Sales/Account Management award.

2. Best thing about winning a B&T Women In Media Award? 

Forcing me out of my imposter syndrome mentality.

3. Where’s your trophy?

On my desk, it’s no use at home being used as a football by my 2 year old son…

4. One thing you’d do to change your industry for the better?

Continuing the conversation around mental health is extremely important to me and one that should be more widely talked about – considering it’s such a tough, hardworking industry.

5. What makes you mad?

Inefficiency & not getting straight to the point. Stop talking sh*t and tell me what you’re thinking.

6. What makes you happy?

When my team are happy and engaged.

7. How would colleagues describe you?

Competitive and direct.

8. How would you describe your colleagues?

Cheeky, Gutsy & Humble. And also just a nice bunch of humans I get to work with every day.

9. Favourite industry hero?

Christina Aventi (for her beautiful mind) and Paul Coles (for his incredible leadership) & my sister Katie Salmaggi (for her no bullsh*t industry perspective) are some of the best I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with.

10. Your one career regret?

No regrets, just learnings of what not to do next time.

11. Your biggest career tip?

Always just give a sh*t about everything you do. It will help you be your best (slightly anxious) self.

12. Best stress reliever?

Wine & Gym. Not in that order.

13. Dream holiday destination?


14. The one book you’d recommend?

A million little pieces by James Frey.

15. If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing? 

I’d be a barrister.

16. The one technology you just don’t understand?


17. Your most embarrassing media addiction?

Love Island, Bachelor in Paradise & Instagram worm holes…

18. Go-to karaoke song?

Eminem – Superman

19. Do you replace the milk in the staff fridge?

No, should I?

20. How many trophies do you now have in your trophy cabinet?

Not enough!


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20 questions with aisling colley

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