18% of Aussies trust newspaper journalists

18% of Aussies trust newspaper journalists

Only 18% of Aussies trust newspaper journalists and TV reporters, where just 15% rate talk-back radio presenters well.

New research from Roy Morgan has noted that less than one in five Aussies rate TV reporters, newspaper journalists and talk-back radio announcers favourably for ethics and honesty.

The 18% score for TV reporters was the best result the reporters have had in the survey since 2004.  

Talk-back radio presenters have also had a blow, dropping from their 21% in 2003 to 15% currently.

“TV Reporters, Newspaper Journalists and Talk-back Radio Announcers continue to rate poorly in the annual Roy Morgan Image of Professions survey, suggesting that ethics and honesty are not qualities widely associated with the Australian media industry,” Gary Morgan said.

“The political bias displayed by most newspapers in the lead-up to last year’s Federal Election certainly wouldn’t have boosted the public’s trust in journalists; while recent talk-back ‘shock jock’ antics such as Howard Sattler’s infamous interview with former PM Julia Gillard and Derryn Hinch’s jail term didn’t do that profession’s reputation any favours.

“Roy Morgan has been tracking the image of Newspaper Journalists, TV Reporters and Talk-back Radio Announcers since 1986, 1989 and 2000 respectively, during which time they have performed consistently poorly, struggling to reach a 20% approval rating among the Australian public. If we can’t trust our media to deliver the news in an honest, ethical manner free of bias and ulterior motives, how are we expected to get a well-informed, balanced perspective on current affairs?”

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