Spotify’s Cassie Gilbert On Why 2019 Will Be Screenless, Hyper Personalised & Creative

Spotify’s Cassie Gilbert On Why 2019 Will Be Screenless, Hyper Personalised & Creative

In this guest post, Spotify ANZ’s head of sales, Cassie Gilbert (main photo), reveals three key trends expected to shape the marketing landscape in 2019….

For CMO’s, it will be more important than ever to continue evolving customer experience for brands to maintain relevance in an increasingly competitive space.

Australian brands need to look beyond traditional means, and should feel confident to utilise alternate ways to engage consumers, as explained in Spotify’s piece on How Streaming Is Unlocking New Opportunities for Today’s CMO.

TREND ONE: The Rise of Screenless Engagement and Audio-First Offering

As content is becoming more accessible to consumers, marketers and brands are now looking beyond the traditional methods of engaging users via screens, promoting a new era of screenless engagement.

We’re now noticing how brands can play a part in the lives of everyday consumers. As we can’t all be in front of a screen at any given time of the day, we’re increasingly seeing audio coming into play as a crucial way to tap into, and harness, this generation.

The ease and mobility of audio consumption has redefined how, when and where we listen. Spotify has seen this shift to screenless engagement evolve into its users being more engaged on the platform, with ad-supported multi-platform (free) users streaming on average for more than two hours in a given day.

In Australia, Comscore suggests Spotify has over 8.3 million unique visitors*, with 47% of the nation’s smartphone users on the platform. Furthermore, Spotify has 180 million users globally which can be attributed to a superior user experience and market positioning as an innovator in audio advertising, which is where other brands can leverage the power of audio.

TREND TWO: Hyper-Personalisation Through Data

Consumers will be expecting more from brands, with interpersonal brand connections and one-of-a-kind experiences remaining key to building and retaining a loyal customer base. At Spotify, we view our customers as very unique individuals. Using our first party logged in data as a tool to personally engage customers, we focus on developing an informed understanding of individuals within our audience, leveraging demographic insights and users engagement with music to enhance their experience.

Marketers should consider how they develop more personalised connections with their customer base in order to foster brand loyalty. Careful and considerate use of customer data can help unlock behavioural trends that in turn will give marketers greater ability to deliver hyper-personalised content and experiences to the end user in a contextually relevant way.

TREND THREE: Creative Marketing

Next year, marketing will focus on driving change to traditional consumer engagement, providing consumers with the right message, in the correct, personalised context – two aspects that cannot be overlooked whilst driving success. Within Spotify, we identify moods and context, all within a behavioural sense which is picked up through music genre and playlist choice. This is what gives our users a personal experience which keeps them coming back for more.

Effective marketing in 2019 must also take consumers on a sensory experience. A mix of look, sound and feel are the elements that will capture a consumer, with creative key messaging imperative.

Looking ahead, it will be important for brands to reach out and personally connect to a broader audience, particularly within a fragmented media space. This will continue to be a core focus of marketers, using streaming as a way to capitalise on building new opportunities to retain relevance.

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