Facebook Adds A Flower Reaction For Mother’s Day

For those too cheap to buy their mum some real flowers on Sunday, Facebook added a digital flowers in some of its markets. The purple flower marks the first time the company has offered a temporary reaction since Facebook expanded the like button back in February this year.

Manny Man
Posted by Manny Man

Facebook Reactions give users five new options to interact with content-Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry. For some, including this opinion piece from CEO and founder of sb FLOURISH Jessica Sullivan, Reactions not only capitalises on the power of emoticons but marketers can now gauge how their audience feels about their content.

“To celebrate Mother’s Day, we are testing the ability for people in a few markets to leave a flower reaction,” the company said in a statement. After Mother’s Day the flower reaction won’t be available, but it will still appear within posts where it was added.


Could this Mother’s Day flower be the start of sponsored reactions?

However a recent study by social media analytics company Quintly found that Reactions only account for 3 per cent of people’s interaction with posts. Check out the full study here.

According to Julian Gottke from Quintly: “At this point, Facebook Reactions just need to establish or marketers need to post not only likeable but also “reactionable” content. Among the new options “Love” is predominantly used, even though users knew positive reactions already since the launch of Facebook through the Like button.”