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VB returns to full strength to win back swillers


VB returns to full strength to win back swillers

Victoria Bitter has returned its beer to full strength, following an exodus of loyal drinkers to XXXX.  

The now 4.9% brew hit pubs and liquor outlets  today on the back of a recent brand campaign apologising for the brand’s initial decision to reduce the beer’s strength.

In 2007 the recipe was altered and the alcohol percentage was reduced to 4.8%. Two years later a further change in the brew resulted in the alcohol being reduced to 4.6%.

In  September VB ran full-page print ads nationally in newspapers featuring an apologetic letter from Carlton United Breweries (CUB) chief executive Ari Mervis.

“We’ve heard you…and we’re fixing it,” the letter read. “A few years ago, we made several changes to the recipe of your favourite beer. We altered the brewing process and we got it wrong.”

Richard Oppy, general manager of marketing for VB, said to B&T at the time: “We have listened to our Victoria Bitter drinkers and they have been very vocal in the past and they have told us - in no uncertain terms - that they didn’t like it when we tinkered with their brew.

“One person walking away from this brand, as far as we are concerned, is one too many.”

Today, Oppy said publicans and retailers had inundated CUB with requests for stocks of the new brew.

“The response to news of the brew returning to full flavour and full strength has meant we’ve pulled forward the rollout of the 4.9% brew a week earlier than planned,” he said.


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