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The online shopping dilemma


The online shopping dilemma

The rise of online shopping has created a new dilemma for consumers: is it wrong to try in-store and then buy online?

That's according to the latest research into the online shopping world, which has been conducted by MagnaGlobal.

When Australians considered the statement “I think it’s wrong to get a shop assistant to show you something in-store and then go and buy it online”, 39% agreed and 29% disagreed. One in four Australians also said they use their smartphone to check online for a cheaper deal while they are out shopping.

The MagnaGlobal study found that 85% of Australians have shopped online but the majority of shopping is still done in ‘bricks and mortar’ stores: three-quarters of Australians visit their local shops at least once a week while only one quarter shop online in the same timeframe.

Victor Corones, managing director of MagnaGlobal, said: “This study highlights enormous change to shopping habits as consumers navigate a significantly more complex retail environment. It gives us unprecedented understanding for the development of business and communication strategies across our client base.”

The MagnaGlobal survey correlates with research by Sydney PR consultancy Crossman Communications, released in June, which found poor service, long queues and cheaper deals are driving more and more shoppers to the internet. Crossman Communications’ research found that 66% of shoppers are happy to buy online, even if it takes business away from Aussie shops. 


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