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Telstra drops data harvesting for cyber safety


Telstra drops data harvesting for cyber safety

Telstra has stopped harvesting the data of millions of websites visited by its mobile internet customers after complaints from customers over privacy.

The information was collected and shared with US company Netsweeper and was intended to create a cyber safety tool for parents to implement on children’s phones, blocking certain websites.

Netsweeper would classify the websites, allowing parents to choose from a list of categories they didn’t want their kids to see.

In a blog post Danielle Clarke, the telco's head of social media, said: “We’ve made this decision as part of our acknowledgement that more consultation was needed before launching this service.”

It added: “I want to reassure all our customers that at no point in the development of this product was personal information collected or stored and we’ll be reviewing what we learned from this project.”

However, customers railed against the news, claiming Telstra “simply cannot be trusted with privacy matters. It denies, denies, denies” and more customers questioning why they weren’t told about the move in the first place.


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