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Samsung's 'It doesn't take a genius' dig at Apple


Samsung's 'It doesn't take a genius' dig at Apple

Samsung has mocked rival Apple in a print campaign that looks at the iPhone5’s features and carries the tagline, ‘It doesn’t take a genius’.

The print advert, which has run in US newspapers, lists the features of the newly released iPhone5 against the Galaxy S III.

The ad compares everything from screen size and weight to display and also highlights the iPhone’s “totally different plug”.

Samsung has also pointed out the iPhone’s lack of near field communication (NFC), which VML’s managing director, Aden Hepburn, labelled hugely disappointing.

"The lack of NFC is a huge disappointment for me and I suspect a huge disappointment globally to the creative and technology industry, and definitely for banking as well," Hepburn told B&T.

"From a marketing advertising perspective it’s a huge missed opportunity because that would have allowed us to create all sorts of new ways for people to connect with advertising, like people already do on Android but at massive scale."

The ad is the latest in the dispute between the American and Korean electronic giants, with Samsung recently forced to fork out  $1bn (US) to Apple after a court ruled it infringed Apple’s patents.



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