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Over 50s ramp up their web surfing


Over 50s ramp up their web surfing

Baby boomers - and not the tech-savvy younger generations- made up the largest proportion of online Australians last month, representing 3.2 million online consumers.

The over 50s made up 32% of all online Aussies in July with 25 to 34 year olds representing 18% and 13% claimed by the 18 to 24 demographic.

Baby boomers spend almost 95 hours per month online and are almost as engaged as generation x and y, according to Nielsen’s managing director of media, Matt Bruce.

“This lucrative and rapidly growing maturing consumer segment which shares many similar marketing challenges to the U.S. Baby Boomer market,” Bruce said.

“Which leads into some top line insights from our Nielsen U.S. Baby Boomers Report, which indicate that in just five years, close to 50% of the U.S. population will be 50 and older and they will control 70% of the country’s disposable income.

“While it’s well established that Boomers have the most money to spend, there is a bias to believe that older people spend less of what they have.”

This bias could explain why in the US less then 5% of all advertising is geared towards the baby boomers.

Over 50s are also heavy social media users, with 72% having visited Facebook in the last month and represented almost a fifth of all page views.

Overall, 15.6 million Australains were online last month, a 1.7% decrease on June.

While less consumers may have surfed the web in July, time spent was up 2.2% to 29 billion minutes.

There was little change in the brands that dominate consumers eyeballs online with Wikipedia recording the largest negative month-on-month audience change of 5%.

Google topped the list of 10 most visited brands and was followed by Facebook, NineMSN/MSN, YouTube, Microsoft and Yahoo!7.

The bottom half of the list is populated by Wikipedia, eBay, Apple and blogs.

Mobile page views jumped 12% on June’s result and have increased 130% since August 2011.


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