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Customer collaboration marked as significant market trend


Customer collaboration marked as significant market trend

Eight out of ten consumers would like to be consulted by brands on product and service development, according to an InSites Consulting study which labels customer collaboration a key 2012 trend.

Half of social networkers believe brands “should” invite them to help improve products the global study, which surveyed 8,000 consumers in 19 countries including Australia, found.

Locally, 64% of Australians said they would be willing to work with brands to improve existing offerings and 59% would contribute to product development.

Erica Van Lieven, managing director of Direction First, the Australian partner of InSites Consulting, said collaboration has been used to achieve exciting developments in the past 12 months.

“The results send a clear message that consumers want to collaborate with their preferred brands,” Van Lieven said.

“In fact, a surprising number – half – feel that brands should invite them to contribute their ideas.”

Van Lieven cited the Doritos Super Bowl ad (below) as an example of successful brand and consumer collaboration.  

For the advert, Doritos asked fans to share their ideas and the “ad ultimately gained top viewer ranking”, Van Lieven said.

The study found that consumers need little incentive to share their ideas with brands with 13% claiming they would need no incentive to contribute.

Almost half (44%) said they would contribute if they were given feedback on their ideas.

Almost two thirds of social media users said that at least one of their 10 most recent posts had been about a brand or in response to a brand post.

In order of relevance, the most common brand-centric conversation starters were product experiences, promotions, services, contests and new products with advertising playing a small role.

The majority of comments about brands on social media are positive, according to the report which found less than 10% were negative.

“With the good news that consumers are, overwhelmingly, inclined to say good things about your brand, there’s every reason for brands to bite the bullet and make 2012 the year to get behind customer collaboration.”


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