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Rich Rose loyal to her thick tomato brand


PERTH socialite Rose Porteous—widow of the late mining magnate Lang Hancock—is a colourful character, to say the least, and she doesn’t mind who knows it.

On the back of a starring role in an ad campaign for SPC Ardmona tomatoes, Porteous took centre stage last week with a one-off reality TV show titled Rose.

Porteous, speaking to B&T Weekly from her Perth mansion Prix D’Amour, says her media career is progressing at lightning pace.

And despite an unrelenting line-up of media commitments, one gets the impression Porteous wouldn’t have it any other way.

The outspoken personality waxes lyrical about her role in the recent SPC Ardmoma campaign and takes the title of brand spokesperson in her stride.

“I love advertising,” she says.

Porteous says she would happily consider other offers in the advertising arena but remains “brand loyal” in the category of canned tomatoes.

“I would not endorse any other product that is in conflict with SPC,” she says.

“You have to be loyal to a brand—you can’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

While Porteous admits she had never heard of SPC Ardmona tomatoes prior to the campaign, she is now an avid fan of the product and uses it in pasta dishes and to make the popular Bloody Mary alcoholic concoction.

Porteous is equally enthusiastic about her one-off reality show, which aired on Channel Nine last week.

She says the show unveiled the “real Rose” and went a long way towards breaking free from the strictures of the past.

“I am no longer the wife of a mining magnate,” she says.

“I am no longer in the middle of legal battles and accusations over Lang’s death.

“I am just myself and that’s how I prefer it to be.”

Contrary to popular belief, Porteous says her time is not spent sipping champagne and no single day is the same as the last.

Her days take in a range of activities including charity work, tending to her beloved poodles (Dennis, Lulu and Linus), dancing lessons and spending time with her husband Willie.

“There is no typical day in my life—it varies,” she says.

“It’s not like I rant and rave all the time, I do have quiet times.”

But when the occasion warrants it, Porteous will voice her opinion.

“It’s best to nip things in the bud,” she says. “If someone isn’t cut out to do their job or if someone is accusing you of something that you are not associated with, then you have to tell them.”

“I expect people to treat me in the same way that I treat them,” she says.

“I don’t step on people that can’t step back. And my mother always told me to stand tall with dignity.”

Wise words indeed from the housemaid-turned-millionaire.


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