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Coles faces social media backlash after 'racist' ad


Coles faces social media backlash after 'racist' ad


Coles has faced another social media backlash after a cleaning subcontractor placed a “racist” job ad on Gumtree saying no “Asians and Indians” need apply.

The advert, for cleaners at a Hobart store, was pulled from the site at the weekend, but has been picked up by social media users who have taken the company to task.

The following post on its Facebook page from Geoff Ferguson gleaned 12,000 likes: “This was an ad for cleaning at COLES .. the race for profit .. using cheap contract cleaners .. is no excuse for the sort of racism towards cleaners in coles stores .. this means boycott.”

Another, Salman Siad Parag commented on the company’s Facebook page: ‎"Store requires no indians or asians please. Must speak english (sic)"..... Ok. We will never be there at COLES. Happy???

@fashion_noble took to twitter saying: “Really #Coles? How bout no Indian or Asian shoppers at your stores? #SillyYou #Racist”.

The store responded on Facebook saying: “The ad was placed by a subcontractor, who in turn works for the contracting company that manages our Coles Rosny cleaning business.

“The ad was placed without our knowledge, and we were extremely concerned to learn of the ad and its contents.

“Coles is a proud equal-opportunity employer, and at no time have we ever issued the directives contained in this ad. We have made these points in no uncertain terms to the cleaning contractors in question.”

In March the supermarket was again on the wrong end of social media when it posed the question 'In my house it’s a crime not to buy….' on Twitter.


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