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CBA's Lark dismisses bomb video debacle as 'not newsworthy'


CBA's Lark dismisses bomb video debacle as 'not newsworthy'

The Commonwealth Bank’s positivity-driven ‘Can’ campaign has been marred by an “unapproved” Olympic bomb-hoax video which has attracted criticism as being of poor-taste.

The video features the campaign’s ‘C’, ‘A’ and ‘N’ characters describing ‘T’ as a potential terrorist to a guard outside the London Olympic’s volleyball centre. CommBank is an official Olympics sponsor.

The video is understood to have been uploaded to YouTube last night but has since been removed.

Andy Lark, CBA’s chief marketing and online officer, told B&T: “It was an unapproved video that got released, we’ve pulled it down.”

Lark declined to comment further as “it’s just not even newsworthy”.

CommBank has since issued a statement apologising for the YouTube clip: “The Commonwealth Bank apologises for the online video released to its YouTube Channel. We acknowledge some concerns were raised and the material was withdrawn this morning.” 

In the video ‘C’, ‘A’ and ‘N’ tell the security guard that ‘T’ is asking the Game’s patrons to take his backpack, which is “making ticking and whizzing sounds” into the ground.

London is on high alert for terrorist activity for the duration of the Olympic Games. 

On Facebook the bank is yet to respond to a post by Louise Zacharia asking what the video is about.

“What is with the incredibly insensitive ad about terrorism and a bomber in London? Poor form CBA,” the comment reads.

The CAN characters were launched in May this year following a spot which featured actress Toni Collette reading a poem.

Swim-star James Magnuessen has also featured in the bank’s campaign by M&C Saatchi.


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