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Care for some Nuckin Futs?


Care for some Nuckin Futs?


A  Gold Coast company has won the right to name its snack food product “Nuckin Futs” but a branding expert says it “smells of a short lived gimmick”.

The trademark examiner passed the brand name – a spoonerism of ‘f…in nuts’ – after it received no official complaints.

Neil Shewan, managing director of Melbourne-based Tank Branding, believes there are two options for the brand.

“They are going to have some short lived success based on the fact that there is talkability about it and then it will just sort of fade away,” Shewan said to B&T.

“Or if the underlying product is actually good and they really carefully target it to the right audience it could get a cult following and have longer term success,

“As an agency we’d avoid anything that smells of a short lived gimmick as I suppose this does – but as I said it could get a cult following if the product is good.”

Dan Ratner, managing director and head of brand at Uberbrand, said the controversial name is a ploy to gain cut through.

“I’m not endorsing it and I don’t know if it is going to be successful but brands are about getting into somebody’s head and taking risks,” Ratner said.

Ratner said the strategy behind Nuckin Futs appears similar to Lynx which recently caused a storm with its 'clean your balls' campaign .

“Lynx is not for everyone it is just for one particular type of audience and that level of irreverence makes it interesting for that audience,” he added.

“The fact that it disgusts a lot of people actually adds to its irreverence and drives its brand forward.”

Ratner also believes the Australian consumer is set to see more controversial and headline grabbing marketing stunts in the future.

“Because people are trying to cut through the clutter and having a really crazy brand name or doing really crazy things in marketing is going to do that,” he said.

The most successful example of a contentious brand name is fashion label FCUK according to Shewan. 


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