We Just Can’t Keep The Chaser Boys From The B&T Awards!

We Just Can’t Keep The Chaser Boys From The B&T Awards!

Chris Taylor and Craig Reucassel, best known for being hilarious on ABC’s show The Chaser’s War on Everything, are also well known throughout Adland for bringing a heap of humour and schtick to the B&T Awards.

The duo have hosted the Awards for nearly as long as they can remember, in fact Taylor reckons they took over in 1920s from comedian Roy Rene.

“I’m surprised they keep having us back to be honest,” he added.

“They even agree to all our demands. Like, this year we said we want to be personally choppered to and from the event by Bronwyn Bishop, and they didn’t bat an eyelid. I guess in the advertising industry that kind of extravagance is the norm.

“On TVC shoots, even the interns take choppers just to do a coffee run.”

And the Awards are taking a new route this year, heading down to Melbourne to give the Victorian Capital a little bit of love, and to give the guys a chance to add some style.

“Now they are in Melbourne our jokes will have much more class and sophistication,” said Reucassel. “By which I mean any class and sophistication.”

Nevertheless, the Awards still gets the guys going.

“With the exception of the 485 other advertising awards nights held in Australia each year, the B&T Awards are utterly unique,” said Taylor.

Reucassel added: “I’m always amazed at how thrilled people are to win a B&T Award. I think that reflects the hard work that has to be put into the awards. Coming from TV where you just bribe people to vote for you this is really surprising.

“What I love about the B&T Awards is that it isn’t about the prizes. These are just humble, publicity-shy people who love telling the world about products they are passionate about.”

Entries for the B&T Awards are open now! However they close August 28, so you don’t have long!

And if you want more of the fabulous comedy from Taylor and Reucassel, make sure you secure your ticket or table for the night.

Here’s a clip from last year’s Awards with the boys in all their glory.


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