Twitter Explodes After Sarah O’Connor Tweets ‘Terminator’ Reference

Twitter Explodes After Sarah O’Connor Tweets ‘Terminator’ Reference

Financial Times correspondent Sarah O’Connor didn’t understand why Terminator nerds collectively lost their minds when she tweeted about the worker death in a VW plant in Germany.

Posted by ERIN MARY Doyle

In the Terminator series, Sarah Connor is an absolute badass who is the mother of the Resistance leader John Connor. In the most recent Terminator Genisys film, Sarah Connor is played by Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

The journo Sarah O’Connor was tweeting about the recent death of a German contractor in Volkswagen’s production plants who was crushed to death by a stationary robot. Unfortunately for O’Connor it was too late, as Twitter practically peed itself in excitement over the Terminator reference:

Poor O’Connor was a little overwhelmed with the attention: