Tinder-Like App Is Pairing up Clients and Agencies

High angle shot of a white desk with primarily white and silver office objects, with a woman holding a tablet computer showing her hands only. Tablet has a blank screen.

Relationship with your agency on the rocks? Looking for love with a new one? Just want to check out the playing field?

This story was originally published by AdWeek

Everyone else is on Tinder, so why shouldn't agencies and clients also be finding perfect matches?

A just-released app is like Tinder for clients seeking a connection with some of the best agencies in Amsterdam.

It’s called Pitcher. Available on iOS and Android phones, it lets you specify criteria like brand category, campaign type and pitch fee—and then you swipe through a selection of Amsterdam’s top ad agencies, each with a short profile and overview of their latest work.

Swipe left to dismiss, swipe right to select.

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