Tesla Model S Cars Will Get Free Streaming Spotify

Tesla Model S Cars Will Get Free Streaming Spotify

Tesla’s Model S owners in Australia can now enjoy a seamless streaming music experience in their vehicle with Spotify. Thanks to Tesla’s latest over-the-air software update, Spotify takes over Rdio as the exclusive music partner for Tesla within S vehicles.

The unique integration is an example of a true best-in-class customer experience, with Spotify built seamlessly into Tesla’s media player in each fully-connected Model S car (both new and existing models). The driver does not need to have a Spotify account or even a phone to use Spotify in the car- Spotify Premium is provided by Tesla as a built-in benefit for its owners.

To start listening to Spotify, simply select Spotify from the menu. Spotify features in Tesla’s Model S include:

  • Full on-demand access to Spotify’s catalogue of over 30 million tracks
  • Search
  • Browse
  • Featured Playlists
  • New Releases
  • Categories (Genres, Moods, etc)
  • Your Library
  • Playlists
  • Stations
  • Albums
  • Artists
  • Songs

Each car comes with a built-in Spotify Premium account that works in the vehicle only. If drivers want to have the same content outside of their vehicle, across other devices, simply link their existing Spotify Premium account or create a new Spotify Premium account.

Jonathan Tarlton, Spotify’s senior manager for business development, automotive, commented: “Car radios have changed very little since the first FM radio was fitted over 60 years ago. Until now. This best-in-class, seamless integration represents the future of all music and content consumption in the car, with the best part being that tens of thousands of Tesla customers around the world can already experience that future today.”

This partnership between Spotify and Tesla will also be available in Europe and Hong Kong.

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