Play School could be outsourced

Play School could be outsourced

The Abbott government’s cost-cutting review of the ABC envisages a radical shake-up that would lead to the outsourcing of most television programs, including flagship shows such as Play School and At the Movies, to the private sector and a further centralisation of operations in Sydney.

This story was originally published by The Age

TV programs such as Playschool, At The Movies and Spicks and Specks could be outsourced as a cost cutting measure for the ABC. However The Age reports news programs won’t be affected.

Fairfax Media has been briefed on the confidential report and can reveal it has estimated the ABC would save a net $70 million by outsourcing all television production to the private sector.

On top of $90 million reaped by selling off production facilities, the proposal would save $400,000 each year. Implementation costs would be $20 million.

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