New Top Gear Topped By Video Of Clarkson Assembling A Box!

New Top Gear Topped By Video Of Clarkson Assembling A Box!

The new Top Gear in the UK has launched all minus its former stars Clarkson, May and Hammond and the format and hosts are copping a panning from fans of the show and the British media.

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To add insult to injury, a YouTube video showing former host Jeremy Clarkson assembling a courier box of all things has got more online views than the new version of his former show.

The video which appears on James May’s YouTube channel shows Clarkson attempting to put together a DHL flatpack box while his ex-Top Gear colleagues Hammond and May poke fun at him and is accompanied by some pretty amusing viewer comments.

The video was uploaded on Monday and is getting more than 80,000 views an hour and is about to hit the million mark. The most number of views any video of the new Top Gear posts has managed to accrue is 2,664,467 for the initial trailer from April.

The three former Top Gear presenters are set to unveil their new motoring show set to be called The Grand Tour and is due to air on Amazon towards the end of 2016.