Magazines Up 6.8% In Last Quarter: MPA Report

Magazines Up 6.8% In Last Quarter: MPA Report

Magazine Publishers Australia (MPA) has released Magazine Media 360° Report for the quarter ending March 2016.

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Magazine audience impressions have increased by 6.8 per cent. Declines in print readership of 0.4 per cent were more than offset by increases in web audience (+17.1 per cent), Facebook (+10.3 per cent), Twitter (+4.6 per cent), Instagram (+17.8 per cent) and Pinterest followers (+1.5 per cent)

The report comprehensively captures all multi-platform data from 46 Australian magazine brands, with print, digital and social data summarised within the one report. It collates data from different sources: print readership from emma©, Nielsen© Digital ratings data and social data from the social media platforms.

Commenting on the report, Peter Zavecz, chairman of Magazine Publishers Australia said: “This cross-platform data offers a timely and more comprehensive picture of how audiences interact with magazine brands.”

Mary Ann Azer, executive director of Magazine Publishers Australia, said: “The magazine media 360° data this quarter confirms the strength of our brands across all platforms. It’s a testament to the level of trust that consumers have with the magazine brands they love.”