King Content Wins Gold At Content Marketing Awards

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King Content has won gold in two categories at the 2015 Content Marketing Awards from a total of eight nominations.

King Content
Posted by King Content

Presented by the Content Marketing Institute, King Content London took out the prize for Best Agency/Client Content Marketing Partnership and Highest Conversion Response from a Content Program for their work with employer branding company Universum.

This is the second consecutive year King Content has taken top spot in the Highest Conversion Response category – following its success with EMPIRE Australia in 2014 – and it’s a testament to King Content’s ability to achieve business outcomes for clients in addition to producing high-quality content.

Todd Wheatland, global head of strategy at King Content, said: “The partnership with Universum has been a very rewarding one for both sides, I believe. Obviously, the results have been extraordinary from an awareness, lead and revenue-generation perspective.

“Most importantly, though, there were two key things happening on the client’s side that made this a success where others may have failed.

“First, the client was willing to take a risk and try a totally new approach – they bought into the philosophy of content marketing and committed to it. Second, they had a CMO in Lars who was passionate about measuring the impact of content right through to sales. Sure, the thinking, the creative, the execution – everything had to be great. But in Universum, we found a client that really wanted to do this the right way, all the way through. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Lars Zander, Universum, said: “These awards recognise the fantastic journey we have taken together with King Content over the last 12 months.

“As a credible advisor to the world’s leading organisations, it is important we continue to progress and innovate and are recognised as one of the best global marketers.”