Fairfax Media Hosts Traveller Lunch ‘Age VS Attitude’

Fairfax Media hosted 40 of its top advertising partners at a lunch for Traveller in Sydney to discuss ‘age versus attitude’ when it comes to travel preferences.

Rochelle Burbury
Posted by Rochelle Burbury

Guests were treated lunch at Chiswick Restaurant in Sydney and a speech from celebrity chef Matt Moran about the restaurant.

It was followed by a Q&A by Fairfax Media’s Andrew McEvoy with Andrew Reid from TEG Analytics on how psychographic data can drive powerful results for travel campaigns.

This was followed by a panel of industry experts, moderated by National Travel Editor Anthony Dennis, delving into whether ‘Age or Attitude’ motivates and inspires travel preferences.

The panel speakers included:

Randall Deer – ‎Managing Director, Ignite Travel Group
Jo Palmer – Managing Director, Gate7
Sarina Bratton – Chairman Asia Pacific, Ponant
Dan Blair – Managing Director, BDA Marketing Planning