Facebook teams up to measure TV chatter

Facebook teams up to measure TV chatter

A new Facebook partnership promises to help advertisers and marketers better understand how consumers use the social network to talk about topics such as TV.

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Facebook has announced an international partnership with social TV analytics business SecondSync.

A statement from the social network said: “While there has long been a desire to understand volumes of Facebook chatter data, the challenge has been sharing this information at scale in a privacy-safe manner.

“Through our SecondSync partnership, we have developed a solution that enables analysis of total discussion levels on Facebook for the first time, using aggregated and anonymised data to protect user privacy.”

A whitepaper, called Watching with Friends, will be published as the first output from the new partnership. It will show how different types of people use Facebook to talk about TV across a range of programs in Australia, the US and UK.

Fred Leach, head of measurement research and development and partnerships at Facebook, said: “We’re very excited to be partnering with a company of SecondSync’s calibre and to be able to share a wealth of insight with the broader industry regarding the dynamics of how people talk with their friends about TV on Facebook.”