Facebook and Twitter, find a common currency or become redundant

Facebook and Twitter, find a common currency or become redundant

Social networks will become “not worth offering” if they do not find a common advertising language, warned MEC’s head of digital in the wake of Twitter’s MoPub acquisition.

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Guillaume Goudal welcomed the MoPub acquisition which will see real-time buying integrated into its advertising platform. Yesterday media buyers and social experts welcomed the news.

However, he believes the hours needed to manage the different buying systems of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms will render them unworkable.

“Each and every single social paid media platform, be it desktop and/or mobile based, are everything but time efficient for those of us who implement and optimise campaigns,” Goudal told B&T.

“Recommending bid management based paid media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and others can be the right thing to do for our clients. When properly managed it does work, despite some advertisers’ loud statements in the trade press explaining that they used to believe in a magic and cheap (or free) solution to their problems but decided to pull it all when they realised it did require quite a bit of work to be successful.

“However one or two specific ad management platform per social network, requiring dozens of human time per campaign (big or small) does discard the benefits of using them. In short, agencies end up spending 40-50% of the total time allocated to a campaign optimising paid social media which might not exceed 10-15% of the overall Digital budget. It will simply become not worth offering these products if they don’t find a common language, rather than fighting each other.”

Twitter agreed to purchase the ad exchange start-up for $350m earlier this week, ahead of its reporter IPO planned for next year.

Goudal believes the acquisition will see campaigns become platform optimised and as a result Twitter could become an interesting tactical channel.

For more on what the change means for media buyers see B&T’s ‘Twitter’s MoPub move ‘mo problem’ for media buyers’ story here. 

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