Daily Tele Roasts “Shameless” Brekkie Radio Before Using Model’s Boobs To Woo Readers

Daily Tele Roasts “Shameless” Brekkie Radio Before Using Model’s Boobs To Woo Readers

The Daily Telegraph has labelled the ratings battle between Sydney’s FM breakfast radio shows as “shameless” and “a race to the bottom” in an online article this morning, but funnily enough, the New Corp masthead has highlighted the irony of its claim with another story of its own.

The article regarding the radio industry appears with the alternate headlines “Legends and experts label FM radio segments, chats ‘filth’, say it is dumbing down our society” and “Radio hosts in shameless ratings grab”.

It details how brekkie shows such as KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O, 2Day FM’s The Em Rusciano Show with Harley Breen and Nova’s Fitzy & Whippa Over are “turning the airwaves blue” with their content in order to drive up ratings.

The Daily Telegraph mobile website screenshot

However, the eyes of B&T were then drawn to another story posted by The Daily Telegraph directly underneath with the headline “‘My boobs are too big’: Emily Ratajkowski’s reason she can’t get work”.

The Daily Telegraph website screenshot

After inferring the tactics of Sydney’s FM brekkie radio to be tacky and far from family-friendly, B&T felt it was important to note that The Daily Telegraph is just as guilty when trying to gauge its readers.

Oh, the irony.


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