Why Brands Should Go Dark On Facebook

Why Brands Should Go Dark On Facebook

By 2017, social network ad spending will reach $35.98 billion, representing 16 per cent of all global digital ad spend. Advertisers in North America especially place a premium on social media, ponying up $12 billion on social network advertising, up from a mere $4.9 billion in 2013.

This story was originally published by L2

This piece from Scott Galloway's site L2 looks at the benefits of dark social on Facebook and why more brands should be using it.

Unlike traditional channels like TV, the pace of innovation in social has been breakneck. A wide range of advertising models and ad formats have emerged for brands in the past two years, as covered in our upcoming Intelligence Report on Digital Video.

Facebook – which dominates the paid social advertising landscape and attracts 65.5 per cent of all social network ad spending worldwide – is a key battleground as brands vie for consumer attention with their dollars.

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