Brands Could Lose Over A Quarter Of Customers All Thanks To A Crappy App

Brands Could Lose Over A Quarter Of Customers All Thanks To A Crappy App

Keeping customers loyal to your brand is a constant battlefield. And it’s becoming even more difficult thanks to mobile and desktop apps, says new research from software company CA Technologies.

Branded applications are no longer a garnish to the rest of the company’s offering, instead they’re requirements, says the research.

And if you have a bad experience, consumers are likely to piss off pretty quickly. As customers are now pretty much in charge, brands need to start shifting their approach and investigating exactly what their users want.

According to the research though, not enough brands are doing this. The report states: “The study exposes some palpable disconnects between business decision makers and consumers. Firstly, there is a difference in how well businesses decision makers think industries are able to provide application technologies and how well consumers believe the same industries are actually delivering.

“In short, businesses think application delivery is largely better than it is.”

Hope Powers, managing director at CA Technologies, Australia and New Zealand added: “Consumers no longer view applications as nice-to-have novelties. They now have a huge impact on customer loyalty. As businesses navigate a new, always-connected reality that produces vast amounts of ambient data, they must react by delivering a personalised, secure and engaging application experience.

“In order to tap into the growth potential of the application economy, businesses and governments must make software more than just a part of their business – it must become their business.

“To do this, they have to let their customers lead; listen to them, understand their needs, and apply the same rigor and predictive analysis to application development and deployment as they would to determine the best location for a retail store.”

Brands that have a shitty app risk losing up to 27% of their customers. However the survey found three major areas that impact whether a consumer stays on the app or not. So tune in.

Quick loading

Apparently you’ve only got six seconds to have your app load fully, otherwise you’re history. At least that’s what 68% of respondents confirmed. Half of those respondents were even more impatient, demanding that time loading is halved to three seconds.

Simple Functionality

If things get too complicated in your app too then customers aren’t going to stick around to figure it out. Around 80% of those surveyed said ‘easy to use features’ were a primary reason to say either yay or nay to an app.

The Assurance of Security

And you need to make sure your subscribers have security, otherwise 10% of respondents said they would leave a brand forever.

Apps are also a great way for consumers to tick things off their to-do lists. Some 70% of people would use an app to renew a driver’s licence, with 67% using apps to pay their taxes, and 66% renewing a passport or applying for some government licence.

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