How The ARIAs Helped Ten Achieve Its Most Social Year Yet

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The ARIA's were a social hit for the network.


The #ARIAs made a triumphant and star-studded return to@ChannelTen. Thanks to some amazing and exclusive Twitter content created by @ARIA_Official,@ChannelTen, @Telstra and @Scoopla, Australian music’s night of nights was the most-Tweeted ARIA Awards ever according to @NielsenSocialAU Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR) data.

This year’s #ARIAs was the number one show on the NTTR last night with 128,000 Tweets sent during the @ChannelTen broadcast creating 3.3 million impressions across Twitter while the show was on-air, for an 81% share of all TV-related Tweets last night. The red carpet special was also huge on Twitter, generating 490,000 impressions.


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