ABC Journo Adam Harvey Shot On The Job In The Philippines

ABC Journo Adam Harvey Shot On The Job In The Philippines

ABC reporter Adam Harvey is recovering after being shot in the neck while covering the battle between the Philippines and Islamic State militants in Marawi.

Harvey told the ABC he had been on the frontline of the conflict wearing protective gear before moving back to “what was considered a safe zone”, where he was struck in the neck by a bullet “from a long way away”.

“I was bending down – we stopped and I opened the back door of the car to get some food and water, and I felt an almighty stabbing at the side of my neck,” he said.

“I went down on the ground and I thought I’d been hit by a bit of shrapnel.

But after being taken to hospital for a CT scan and X-ray, he discovered it was in fact a bullet that was in his neck.

“But luckily it missed everything important and it was just got lodged behind my jaw,” he told the ABC.

Harvey said he was also forced to leave the hospital because it “came under attack” while he was there.


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