Woman's Day's barcode blunder

With Jennifer Hawkins’ gracing the cover in her wedding dress, Woman’s Day had all the ingredients for a bumper edition but one essential step had been skipped: the barcode.

B&T Magazine
Posted by B&T Magazine

In the rush to push its exclusive pictures of Hawkins’ nuptials to long-time beau, Jake Wall, in to the market, Woman’s Day sent out the edition to stockists minus the barcode.

The special edition – which was due to hit stands tomorrow, three days ahead of its normal publication –  has been recalled.

With the magazines re-routed to a warehouse where the barcode is being attached to the cover manually.

Woman’s Day editor Fiona Connolly is widely rumoured to have splashed more than $300,000 on the exclusive pictures, with reports suggesting the mistake will be another big hit to the wallet for the Bauer Media Group title.