Ten rallies with Under the Dome as Big Brother drops again

Ten rallies with Under the Dome as Big Brother drops again

Ten picked up from Monday’s dismal audience share with hit US drama Under the Dome again beating Nine’s Great Australian Bake Off in the 8.30pm time slot.

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The third-rated network stole a 15.4% share, finishing just 2.7% behind Nine, as Big Brother (880,000) dipped again coming tenth overall, with Bake Off languishing in 15th spot with 675,000 viewers, as Under the Dome claimed ninth overall with 881,000.

Seven again dominated the night’s total audience viewing, with the most-watched show of the night The X Factor (1.48m), Seven News (1.305m), Today Tonight (1.082m), Home and Away (1.015m) and Winners and Losers (1.015m) in the top ten.

MasterChef continued to rally with 803,000, 11th overall and winning the battle of the cooking competitions after losing last week to ABC1’s Kitchen Cabinet, which last night got 663,000.

Overall Seven got 25.4% share, Nine 18.1%, Ten 15.4%, ABC1 13.2% and SBS1 4.2%.

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