How Thought Leadership Can Achieve Business Goals

How Thought Leadership Can Achieve Business Goals

When you think of SEO and Google, Matt Cutts probably comes to mind. And when researching the future of Internet marketing, you’d likely read a post on Jeff Bullas’ blog.

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Thought leadership isn’t about putting your personal needs first — the purpose is to educate your audience, question the status quo, and become a trusted source for information.

Despite the overwhelming success and instant recognition of many prominent thought leaders, misconceptions about this buzzworthy term still hold many back from realizing its potential.

I regularly hear people say that they don’t have the ego for thought leadership or that they feel it creates an illusion of credibility — and they’re not completely misguided.

Racking up 20,000 Twitter followers doesn’t automatically declare you a thought leader, though many self-proclaimed “thought leaders” would beg to differ, and these are the examples overshadowing its potential.

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