KFC Customer’s Rage Labelled “Most Over-Dramatic Moment In TV History”

KFC Customer’s Rage Labelled “Most Over-Dramatic Moment In TV History”

KFC stores in the UK have run out of chicken and the secret herbs and spices-starved Poms are going bonkers over it.

As reported on B&T yesterday, a delivery driver dispute has meant that 600 outlets around the country have had to close due to a lack of Zingers and nuggets.

Such is the palpable shock around the nation, police have asked the public not to contact them regarding the lack of chicken citing “it’s not a police issue”, while others have even petitioned their local members.

Newspapers are even publishing list of stores that remain open to calm the nation. Although, it should also be added, that affected KFC staff aren’t being paid.

On ITV News last night, a bulletin covering the saga crossed to one irate women demanding free food because she’s “had to go to Burger King”.

She told the reporter: “So obviously I tried two places but they are both closed. Absolutely gutted. Will I get a free rice box for coming down? Because I’ve had to go to Burger King. I’ve been twice to Burger King in my life.”

The women’s venomous rebuke of the chicken chain has been described as the most “over-dramatic moment in TV history”.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.32.42 amWhile in another TV moment, a young girl announces her own disgust at the crisis.

“Well, I don’t look sad,” she said, “but I really am disappointed. I’m mad at KFC.

“Look at them [staff], they’re chillin’, they’re happy. Sorry, we’re mad with them. We wanna get in there, sit down, have some food – but we can’t do that today.”

And KFC customers have taken to social media to vent their rage. One customer taking to Twitter said: “What the cluck do you think [you’re] playing at closing near enough every branch in Bristol because you ran out of chicken. It’s basically the end of the world!”

Another posted: “Disaster. Took the grandkids out to dinner at KFC only to see that it’s shut down. Some chicken shortage. Took them to McDonald’s but it’s not the same. Crying in the bathroom. Can’t show weakness in front of them. KFCCrisis”

One young man wrote: “It’s crazy to think in 50 years that we will be able to turn round to our grandchildren and say I remember the kfc chicken crisis of 18”, while another chicken lover added: “Do u know what I would eat? chips done in the kfc batter. kentucky fried chips.”

And @noodle3097 wrote: “Any reason the Bradford Greengates store is closed? Just had to drive another 20 minutes to not break a promise to a child.”


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