DGM Creative Launches New Brand Campaign For Salvos Stores

DGM Creative Launches New Brand Campaign For Salvos Stores

Melbourne-based creative agency, DGM Creative, has launched a new major campaign for Salvos Stores.

Genevieve Novak
Posted by Genevieve Novak

After 15 years of partnership, DGM Creative has unveiled its “I Love Salvos Stores” brand awareness campaign. Featuring hand-drawn custom lettering, resonating colour, and clean, minimalist-style artwork, this campaign captures the positivity that Salvos Stores prides themselves on.

The look and feel of this artwork came as an ongoing progression from previous campaigns: DGM Creative has steadily built on a strong brand, making it cleaner and more modern. Here, the heart plays a major role: it encapsulates the wholesome, warm, community-orientated and accessible factors that make up the Salvos Stores brand.

“For this campaign, we achieved something that I believe encapsulates the warmth of the brand, something fresh and positive,” said DGM creative CEO Daniel Melone. “Our long history with Salvos Stores means that we can continue to create great, meaningful work together.”

This campaign has been executed across multiple platforms, which include radio, print, outdoor media, public transport advertising, digital coverage, and strong presence on Facebook and YouTube. Since its unveiling in August 2015, the campaign has been rolled out across Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia and Northern Territory, and will run over three months.

Of their long working relationship together, Salvos Stores interim CEO Frank Staebe said, “We are very fortunate to have a long standing relationship with DGM Creative and to work alongside a team of creative people who are as passionate about our brand and mission as we are.”

With a history of strong and successful campaigns together, DGM Creative’s “I Love Salvos Stores” project is set to be met with the same resounding positivity as they have grown to with their work with Salvos Stores.