Cheers In Order for Jam&Co Design

Cheers In Order for Jam&Co Design

Jam&Co’s client Macarthur Grange Brewery took out a number of awards for their Stockade range of beers at the recent 2014 Australian International Beer Awards. Not only did they win Bronze on taste but, Stockade Gold won Bronze for Best Packaging.

Jennifer O’Callaghan, MD of Jam&Co said: “We were thrilled to be involved in the branding strategy for Macarthur Grange Brewery’s new range. When we were briefed to design both brand strategy and packaging for the new range, we knew it was important to develop a brand that had emotional connection with consumers, which is paramount in building a strong and successful brand. Consumers that are emotionally connected to a brand are known to be three times more likely to recommend, three times more likely to repurchase, less likely to shop around and choose another brand and are less price sensitive. Hence our client was eager to embrace the power of emotional connection from the onset.”

Stockade GOLD

Being created on the platform of Australian born and the uprising at the historic Eureka Stockade, the new identity had to be strong and sophisticated, connecting with consumers, which was further illustrated with guns of Eureka Stockade era. A mountain represented by a die cut on the label was also developed which is unique to the brand. The use of gold on the label adds sophistication enabling the product to stand out on shelf while the use of white signifies purity and crispness of the beer.

Daryl MacGraw, Head of Sales & Marketing for Macarthur Grange Brewery, said: “Being such a newcomer to this well established segment of the market dominated by the majors, we are thrilled that Stockade Gold had been recognized with a Bronze award for Best Reduced or Low Alcohol Beer along with a Bronze award for Best Packaging. This has been a wonderful start to our first year on the market and has been a great journey working with our branding agency, Jam&Co to achieve this goal.

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